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Race: The Angelics. Angels of Illithia

Glistening and bathed in beams of warm light, approach the defenders of Illithia. The ones who have claim over their dominion by righteous means. Angels are the guardians. The celestial ascended.

The Angels of Illithia have glorious battles ahead of them, vanquishing the evil doers who come their way. Though recently, the demon population has been growing too fast... perhaps they might need some help?

Race: The Demonics. Demons of Illithia

Hatred. Corrumption. Embodiment of Evil. Demons raid and claim what they believe is free land for all. Infesting Illithia like a plague.

The Demon population of Illithia is growing like wildfire, in the hope that soon they will rise from the midst of the shadows and rightfully claim the lands as their own, leaving nothing but destruction in their path!

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