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Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct

These terms of service must be followed once you register the game. These are simple rules, but rules which should be respected and must be followed. If you have any questions about these rules, please feel free to email [email protected] for further assistance.

ILLRPG's "Code of Honour"
Use common sense. Do not go around badmouthing other players or killing them repeatedly as this will likely get you jailed, silenced, temporarily banned, or deleted all together. Though badmouthing is bound to occur in a game such as this, try to keep it to a minimum so that others may enjoy Lands of Illithia just that much more.

Multiplay? Whats that?
Dont know what it means? Keep it that way. ;) Though players are permitted to trade with one another, they should avoid trading with other accounts that belong to them.

If you are found multiplaying and sending off things to mule accounts to somehow abuse the game or a bug, then the consequences are severe.

Imitating Staff or Admin:
Not Allowed. Period. No excuses for this type of behaviour. If someone reports you for immitating staff we will check for the occurances and if found guilty you will be deleted.

Hacking Accounts/Phishing:
Any attempts to hack player accounts or to maliciously phish other players will result in your account being deleted and your IP address banned.

Manipulating paypal during Purchases:
Upon agreeing to purchase something at Lands of Illithia, you are agreeing that all attempts to do a chargeback after the purchase will lead to immediate account deletion. If there is a problem with your purchase for whatever reason then you must contact the admins or mail [email protected] with your inquiry. Chargebacks will not be tolerated and all transactions will be reversed.

Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs!
Did you find a bug? Are you abusing a bug? If anyone is found abusing bugs or gaining an advantage which is not supposed to be there then that player will be removed from the game, whether it be a permanent ban or immediate deletion.

Oh, I almost forgot:
Now that you have read all the boring parts, enjoy the rest of the game! Dont forget to have fun! Dont forget to cause some havoc, either! Win one for your side!