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[ What is Lands of Illithia? ] [ What is a Browser Game? ] [ How do you Play? ] [ What can I do in this game? ]
[ What Features does this game have? ] [ What is Planned in the Future? ] [ How can you get Involved? ]

What is Lands of Illithia?

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             Lands of Illithia is a browser based game which captures the ultimate battle between Good (Angels) and Evil (Demons). This type of game does not have any devastating system requirements other than an active internet connection and your browser. This game can be played anywhere at any time, just by logging in using your account name or email address.

             We are taking the time to make this game a fully functioning Browser RPG that is enriched with challenges and a variety of ways to progress your character and battle against the other side. Your only decision to make is whether or not you think you can survive being on the side of good or evil and going up against other players, monsters, creatures, and challenges.

What is a Browser Game?

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             A Browser Based game is just that. A game that is played over the internet through a modern web browser. This game is compatible on any operating system and modern browser and it does not contain any extensive system requirements to use. This is a Browser RPG

             Lands of Illithia is classified as a PBBG (Persistant Browser Based Game). The game has many aspects which resemble a fully integrated and in-depth game which immerse the player into a world of imagination and competition. There are many things to do, see, and experience.

How do you Play this Browser RPG?

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             After completing the registration process and logging in, you will be faced with the current news of Illithia. On the left side, there will be your basic stats panel with important links running down the side. Town of Illithia is one of the links and that connects you to the town itself which provides you with many areas to experience and traverse.

             Included in Town of Illithia are: training center, inn, bank, the shopping district, alters for praying or worshipping to your deity, woodcutting, mining, and much more. The Town of Illithia link is quite useful and is one of the main focal networks of the game itself.

             On the right side, above the advertisement, you have quick links which provide you with easy access to things like showing the players who are online, resting, your clan links, voting, and more. Resting (and clan resting) are free until level 10; after that level, resting to full health will slowly cost you more money as you advance your character further.

What can I do in this Browser Based Game?

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             There are many different things to experience and places to explore. Every day you can go to the training center to pump up your character or make him/her quicker than before. You can hope for some luck and drop some coins in the wishing well, to see if you have what it takes to be lucky.

             You can go to different areas and fight different and challenging monsters or try your courage up against other players to get stronger. PvP is highly enjoyable in this game and the more players you vanquish the more aura you can potentially receive, which translates to you getting energy quicker and being able to kill more.

             You can be a pioneer in your own clan and help construct buildings which will make things easier for your clan. Perhaps become proficient in woodcutting or mining to get the raw materials needed to make buildings better and stronger.

             If your an Angel or Demon, why not drop by your alter on a daily basis and pay respects to your own kind. Its painless and you might get a little extra something in return. You can search through the marketplace for amazing deals in hopes to sell off those diamonds in the rough for more money.

What Features does this Angels vs Demon Browser RPG have?

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             You can fight against players, form your own clans, sell off your equipment to other players via the marketplace. You can make friends or put people on your hatelist. You can cut down trees and mine ore, construct buildings and much more. There are skills and spells which you can become more proficient in. There is equipment and socketing as well as using upgrade stones to upgrade pieces of armor and weapons for even more fun and experience points.

What is Planned in the Future?

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             We are constantly updating Lands of Illithia for the goal to make an extensive game with much to do on a daily basis. We are currently working on quite a few extensive features which will help make the game much more friendly, and social. Things like profile commenting, a more indepth quest system, and much more are in the works as well as a few features we just cannot give away just yet ;)

How can you get Involved?

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             You can get involved by playing and helping spread the word to others. This game is free to play and is growing every day. We will also be hosting little contests here and there (art contests, for example), for in-game prizes or even grand prizes. Come on in and play the game. Do not forget to enjoy yourself while experiencing a whole new world to play with.