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Privacy Policy of Illithia (ILLRPG)

Protecting your privacy is a very important goal for us here at Lands of Illithia. With the following statement, I hope that it will help you understand what kind of information Lands of Illithia collects. We try to safeguard all of your personal information that you provide to this game and try to maintain that security throughout all aspects of ILLRPG.

I. What is collected from you? What information do we need?
A) Upon Registration, you are asked to give us your email. An activation code is sent to your email in order to activate your account. This is to ensure security and that nobody else attempts to register to Lands of Illithia by using your user name or e-mail address.
B) As you browse Lands of Illithia, your last actions are tracked for statistical purposes. We do not use this information other than to assess the popularity of certain areas.

II. How is this information stored?
A) This information is stored securely within our database where only the owners of Lands of Illithia have access to. With that said, we do not have access to view certain pieces of information such as your password, for security purposes.
B) The database is protected by a password that only a select trusted few have access to, and that continuously work on the game to bring you more features and fun.

III. Your privacy and what it means to us.
A) We take as many measures as possible to ensure that all accounts remain secure.
B) We will never ask for any passwords from you, or of any personal information from you during gameplay.

IV. Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]